About Us

“Not all BPOs are created equal.”

— Rodger Smelcer, Co-Founder United Service Technologies

Traditional BPOs will let you keep all of your back-office problems, just make them a little cheaper by sourcing labor at a lower cost.

At Origo BPO, we remove your back-office problems and turn them into profit centers with the right processes — the right talent comes along with it.

Hi, I’m Rohan Wass. A global entrepreneur from Australia, Co-Founder & CEO at Origo BPO.


At age of 24, I started my first company with my partners Jeremy & Matt to do accounting and

booking keeping for local businesses.

Like every entrepreneur and executive, I was looking to:

  •   Scale the company
  •   Deliver superior service to my clients
  •   All while having higher margin

Those are three big pieces of the business puzzle that I was determined to solve.

In 2016, I found myself in the Philippines looking for BPOs that could help us with hiring

and managing a team of CPAs for my accounting firm.

✘ They offered only one piece of the puzzle:  “we can give you cheaper labor.” .

And, while cheaper labor alone does allow for better margins and keeps payroll under control, the lack of business processes and support actually made things worse!

We still had to interview, vet, train, monitor, and manage the new staff …

Plus document our SOPs, streamline workflows and keep a tab over service level KPIs …

All while trying to run the business and keep customers happy.

In other words, the term BPO — as in Business Process Outsourcing — was a huge overstatement.

They didn’t care to understand our business. They didn’t give us any processes. They just did the labor sourcing and wished us “good luck”.

So, I quickly realized that the real value of a BPO was not just around sourcing talent...

Anyone can head over to freelancing sites to find talent. It’s not that hard these days anymore.

✔ The real value is in streamlining the processes & workflows to enable those people to do their best work; then in monitoring and managing the remote team so they can consistently deliver on their KPIs.

Eventually, we got really good at it for our own business and the word got out.

So in 2017, we opened up Origo BPO to a select few clients, and the rest is history.

Today, we’re fortunate to be working with category leaders across multiple industries who have already discovered the new gold standard in building remote teams that can add 6-7

figures in annual profits to their bottom line (not just reduce costs).

In short, traditional BPOs will let you keep all of your back-office problems, just make them a little cheaper.

At Origo, we remove your back-office problems and turn them into profit centers with the right processes — the right talent comes along with it.

Our Perfect Partner

We have worked with a dozen industries so far, but the one where we deliver the best results, and where we’re focusing all our efforts is on the

Field Service Industry.

So, if you are a Field Service executive looking to scale your business, and willing to challenge the status quo in the quest for service excellence...

we’re made for each other.

Send us a message or book a call today.

Our Core Purpose

Our service is designed to deliver a win-win-win-win-win. Yes, that’s five wins.

When we work together:

➤ You win.
By keeping more profits in the bank and serving more clients without having to do all the hiring and managing.


➤ Your clients win.
They get better, faster, more proactive service.


➤ Your team wins.
They get to focus on challenging, higher-value, more rewarding tasks.


➤ Our teams win.
They get a stable job, with a solid company, at higher wages than what their local market offers.


➤ We win.
We get to share in your success, and create a great business with awesome partners.

All of which enables us to fulfill our core purpose:

Unlocking Human Potential

We operate under the belief that humans have infinite potential.

And we’re on a mission to help everyone we interact with unlock their potential.

Unlock your potential as an executive and your company’s, where the sky's the limit.

Unlock the potential of your staff, and help them work in their zone of genius.

Unlock the potential of our staff, and provide a greater living for their loved ones.

Unlock the potential of your clients and deliver more value.

Unlock the potential of the community that you, your staff, us, and your clients impact.

Our Core Values

Customer Obsession

Not in vague terms that look nice on paper, but in practice.108

Our customer success headcount exceeds our salesforce by a factor of 200.

We only really invested in marketing after three years of running a referral-only business, while having ZERO client churn.

Not once has a client left us because of bad service. It has just never happened.

Seek Excellence

We seek excellence in delivering our service, in finding the right fit partners and in hiring team members.

We strive to beat industry benchmarks. If we can’t be excellent, we’d rather not do it.

Challenge The Status Quo

We believe achieving excellence doesn’t happen by blindly following “conventional wisdom” or “common sense”.

In everything we do, whether it’s HR, marketing, customer support, etc. we’re always asking ourselves “Is there a different/better way of doing this?”

There’s always a better way of doing something, we just haven’t found it yet (and we gotta keep looking).

Our Capital is People

Some companies consider their product, technology, IP, etc. as their biggest asset.

At Origo BPO, our people are the most important asset.

Without them, we literally wouldn’t exist today.

1% Better Every Day

The typical approach to growth is to set a large goal, then try to take big leaps in order to accomplish the goal in as little time as possible.

While this may sound good in theory, it often ends in burnout, frustration, and failure. Instead, we focus on continuous improvement by slowly and slightly adjusting our normal everyday habits and behaviors.

The “compound improvement” of documenting a little thing here, automating another thing there, upskilling a team member, optimizing a workflow, etc. adds up over time.

Bottom-line Partnership

We’re so committed to your success that we tie our compensation to our ability to make you more profitable.

We’ve got a financial penalty baked into our offering if we ever fail to deliver on the agreed-upon KPIs for our partners.

If we’re only delivering on half of our promise, then we only deserve to get paid half of our compensation.

This also carries over to our partnership with our team members. The better we all do, the more we all get paid.

Get All The Profits You Can Out Of The Service Team You’ve Got




Director of Sales

Scott McGrath is a founding member of Origo with a strong leadership background in business development. Scott’s entrepreneurial spirit and passion for problem solving have seen Origo emerge as a leader in helping Australian businesses grow through process offshoring while encouraging a strong local workforce in the Philippines. Scott is skilled in listening to clients and believes in fostering productive working relationships through open and honest communication. Understanding that each business is different and has unique needs allows Scott to effectively guide companies towards the most productive offshoring solutions. When he’s not working Scott enjoys watching AFL, gardening and spending time at home with his young family in beautiful Port Phillip Bay, Melbourne.


Director of Operations

Rohan Wass is a founding member of Origo with a strong leadership background and a focus on team building. Energetic and motivated, Rohan believes a strong support team is the best way to achieve his goals and he applies this philosophy to the clients of Origo through partnering them with only the best team members in the Philippines. An entrepreneur who enjoys a challenge, Rohan recently won the 2016 ANZ Young Innovator of the Year Award. When he’s not working Rohan enjoys watching AFL, experiencing other cultures and spending time with his wife and two young daughters. Rohan has over six years’ experience in the public accounting sector. Based on his own extensive experience with offshore solutions across various industries, Rohan has further developed Origo BPO’s premium business support services across all industries. His contributions allow our clients to achieve maximum scalability and cost savings.


Country Manager

Hart heads the team in the Philippines and has spent over 18 years working in the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry and have worked for one of the world's biggest Internet provider and managed hundreds of staff. He has taken various roles during his tenure in Leadership, Human Resources, Recruitment, Process Improvement (Six Sigma), and Learning and Development. This wealth of experience has given him the opportunity to assist start-up companies to grow over 200 team members and have used these skills to listen and understand the needs of clients. Being an advocate of a work-life-balance, Hart enjoys watching movies, cooking, drinking coffee and spending time with his friends and family.


They’ve Got Your Back (And Ours)


We have over 100+ team members

We have been in the business since 2013.

We currently work in over 10 different industries worldwide and are always expanding.