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Accounting Firm – South Yarra



Client Overview:

Passionate about the success of their small to medium-sized business clients, the accounting is focused on their clients having the best possible support to help grow their business and achieve their various goals.

Functions outsourced to Origo BPO:

Bookkeeping, Payroll Accounting, Tax Records

Client Challenges

Fast growth meant that the onshore team was only completing 51% of incoming compliance work.

The Origo Solution

Origo was approached through a web search, and we conducted an assessment to understand the current challenges. Providing the solutions, the client was after, we were able to increase the client efficiency and allow them to manage their client expectations.

As a result:

  • Streamlining of the accounting process by establishing a few processes for some management accounts related tasks
  • Assisting with issues on payroll accounting and ensuring timely reporting
  • Carrying out core accounting tasks such as bookkeeping and auditing of tax records to ensure compliance.

Key Highlights

Within a few weeks, Origo BPO was considered their in-house team. The geography was different, but the working relationship was seamless. The client was able to drastically improve their deliverables, which included proficiency, performance and on-time delivery.

Quality targets achieved by the Philippines offshore team and the realised cost savings for the client was more than 35% against previous costs.

Staff turnover rates have dropped as the workload has decreased allowing the team in Australia to focus on client relationship building and focusing on other vital areas of the business such as sound accounting advise and dealing with more complex accounting matters.

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