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In the world of business there is always a new way to increase your ROI and streamline efficiency within your company, whatever industry you’re a part of

Benefits of Offshoring

Offshoring processes within your business can increase your company’s productivity, not only by adding new team members, but also by relieving your in-house team of stressful workloads and allowing them to focus more fully on other tasks. Your new offshored team will add flexibility to your company as you’ll have increased output ability, increased streamlining and efficiency and these improvements in turn will improve your clients’ experience with your company.
At Origo, we help you achieve these benefits faster and easier than you could if you were hiring locally. Implementing new employees can be a long, expensive and difficult experience. At Origo, we take that burden for you. We only partner your company with experienced professionals and we assist in helping you facilitate the best training for your new team so that you can start enjoying the benefits of offshoring as soon as possible.


  • Administration – including processing new lease agreements, lease renewals, lease restructuring

  • Processing rental applications

  • Document creation – such as sales documents, rental agreements

  • Document creation – such as sales documents, rental agreements

  • Reconciling income and expenses

  • Market research – collecting and collating results

  • Telemarketing