Accelerating Mid-Market Companies’ Growth

with Remote Teams

With over 1,000,000 transactions processed every year for fast-growth, middle-market companies, executives rely on Origo to scale their support operations, exceed service levels, and reduce overhead by building remote teams so leadership teams can focus on innovation and grabbing market share faster.

Trusted by the leading middle market companies TO HANDLE THEIR OPERATIONS

The Fast Lane to Growth

Executives at fast-growth, mid-market companies face real challenges today.

The talent pool is shrinking every passing year, all the while “The Big Quit” still rages on. Inflation is blowing up payroll. Equity-backed corporations are gobbling up smaller companies, dominating territories and creating even more competition.

Portcos are failing to realize target synergies as investors demand more aggressive growth rates and further cost-cutting. Leadership teams are backed into a corner and are forced to wrestle with operational gaps, taking away their focus from growth and innovation.

Luckily, there’s a solution for all these:

Origo eliminates the 25-step process of scaling and puts our partners on a fast lane to growth by leveraging remote teams.

We give our partners the people, processes, technology, and data they need to scale their operations so executives can instead focus on growing top-line revenue, improving margins, and keeping customers happy.

How We Bring You More Profits and

Help You Scale Faster


Uncover all the operational improvements and growth opportunities sitting inside your business as we dig into your data and meet with key members on your team.


Enjoy more profits and scale faster with a detailed Value Creation Plan that defines specific objectives and key results to achieve, maps out the structure of your remote team, and shows all the initiatives we’ll execute over the next 90 days and beyond.


We’ll do all the work to attract, hire, train, and onboard your new remote team members to achieve the specific results and KPIs we’ve agreed on. And that’s just the start!


Improvement never stops as we’re always learning new ways to boost your profits and better service your clients by executing new initiatives every 90 days.

Here Are Some Of The Roles We Can Hire For:

Customer Service

Provide your customers with 24/7 support and have phones answered LIVE around the clock. No more technicians taking service calls after hours!


Eliminate backlog of uninvoiced completed jobs, have all invoices sent out in real-time, and bring forward cash flow.


Collect on unpaid invoices without using 3rd party agencies, write off less "bad debt" and keep more client accounts in good standing.

Portal Administrators

Offload data entry tasks, have portals updated in near real-time, and keep all Work Order Management Softwares in-sync at all times.

Technician Support

Free up your technicians’ time from admin work to complete more jobs and increase first-time fixes with a technician support team.


Pay bills on time, reconcile your books, and generate reports on demand with skilled accounting professionals.


Schedule the right technician for the right job on time, every time.

Inside Sales

Get new clients, expand revenue from existing accounts, and make sure clients don’t drop off and keep ordering.

Asset Management

Turn messy asset data into actionable insights to deliver 5-star service and keep track of repair history.

What Top Service Agents

Are Saying About Origo

Rodger Smelcer

Vice President & Owner at
United Service Technologies

“After working with Origo, it becomes clear that not all BPOs are created equal. We’ve doubled our business since working with Origo, and they have played an important role by enabling us to scale.”

Gyner Ozgul

President & Chief Operating Officer at SmartCare Equipment Solutions

“To anyone considering working with Origo, I would say, "try it." Take one specific area of your back office that would either improve your clients’ experience or your employees’ lives, and let Origo do their thing. You will find out that it works, that it produces tangible results, and that you can scale it.”

Michael Chan

Chief Executive Officer at Premium
Repair Services

I've made the right choice. Otherwise, our KPIs wouldn’t increase in performance and decrease in training time in such a really short span.
From fact-finding, to building what we require, looking at processes, I think we only took
3 months (to go) up
and running.”